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Master Kenya Prach — the story of “The Black Stone Hands”

Kenya Prach was born in Cambodia. At a very young age he started learning a martial art called Khach-Kun-Boran, which is essentially a combination of different types of martial arts. His first martial arts teacher was a Buddhist monk named Lok Kru Thom, who was head of the temple Wat Atwea, aka Angko, in the city of Siem Reap. At age seven, Kenya began training with his uncle, a superior fighter, in the city of Battambank. His uncle believed in teaching only those who practiced martial arts for the betterment of the self and of the world, and that respect and love were the two most important truths.

Kenya entered his first Khmer kickboxing (Bokator) competition at the age of nine. Unfortunately, Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia shortly after he started competing. Khmer Rouge devastated his home country. In order to escape the killing fields, Kenya was forced to end his Bokator training.

After a long and grueling four years, Kenya finally managed to escape to Surin of Thailand, where he began training and participating in both gloved and barehanded competitions. He entered Muay Thai kickboxing competitions in Thailand at the age of fifteen. Kenya demonstrated his skill in local bars, small entertainment sporting events, and holiday celebration events. He entered fights in almost all cities in Northern Thailand, including Chiang Mai, Buriram, Krabi, and Surin, and he eventually became the youngest local Muay Thai champion after an extensive 152 fights. Because he delivered such powerful punches, local people gave him the nickname “The Black Stone Hands.”

During his 20 years of teaching in the United States, Master Prach has had over 1,000 students, many of whom have become champions in Muay Thai, boxing, Jujitsu, and Taekwondo. He is currently teaching in San Francisco.

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“The Black Stone Hands” continues to share his incredible martial arts knowledge with his students as long as they are willing and eager to learn. Master Prach carries on in his uncle’s tradition, prescribing to the belief that the most valuable lesson in life is how to respect and love others. Master Prach and his students learn this every day.